Letter from Minister for Agriculture

Fine Gael TD Michael Creed has revealed that there is no legal impediment to establishing an ethanol production industry in this country as an alternative outlet for beet farmers, furthermore there is no quota requirement on beet growers when it comes to growing beat for ethanol production.  Commenting on the Ministers letter, Deputy Creed said;

“It is clear from the Ministers reply that there is no obvious impediment to establishing a viable ethanol production industry in this Country.  The Government however it appears did not have the will to incentivise the industry in order to provide an outlet for beet farmers to sell their produce”.

“It is important to note that the tax relief available for the production of ethanol which has been in place expires at the end of 2010.  The Minister must take stock of the situation and examine the feasability of establishing an ethanol industry.  If there is any possibility that Government can support the development of such an industry at this late stage it is crucial that they do so”.


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